Well not all of them yet. But I am honoured to summarise some very positive reviews of my recently published book: Deforestation in Canada and Other Fake News.Deforestation In Canada and Other Fake News Cover

Here’s a selection of them. For full review go to the Reviews page here.

“The first chapters set out clear, irrefutable facts about the state of our forests in Canada, making a compelling case that Canada’s forests are being deforested at one of the lowest rates in the world. But the real, hard-hitting part of the book comes later when the author tackles ‘false claims, sloppy media, a confused public, just plain ignorance, greenwash and other fake news.’

– Michael Scott, Environmental Consultant, former Executive Director, Waste Diversion Ontario.

“Easy to understand. Chock-full of references and appendices to back up all the facts. This is a good primer for industry professionals about Canadian forest facts, but also great for educating friends and family members, not to mention forest product customers …. ”

– Martin Fairbank, Pulp and Paper industry consultant and author of Resolute Roots.

“A must-read for Canadians and others wishing to understand the realities of forestry and paper production in Canada today.”

– David McRobert, Environmental Lawyer

“Squarely challenges some of the common environmental misconceptions and misinformation about paper and forestry. Credible facts and extensive references.  A recommended read for marketing executives, teachers, students and any other Canadians who want (and need!)  a better understanding of the forest and paper-based industries.”

– Phil Riebel, President. Two Sides North America, Inc.

“Standing up to activist misinformation is a moral and ethical imperative. Canada is the world leader in sustainable forestry. We should be celebrating this success and our shared commitment to truly sustainable outcomes. This is what this book does.”

– Richard Garneau, former President & CEO, Resolute Forest Products.

“Anyone with an interest in learning the truth about Canada’s forests and forestry practices compared to elsewhere needs to read this book. Too easily today people tend to grab onto the latest headline, taking it for fact when many times there’s a misunderstanding of what is actually happening. If everyone had the same passion for the truth as this author and took the time to listen and learn the truth, together we could really tackle the environmental issues of the world today.”

– Dan Lantz, CEO, Scout Environmental.

Deforestation in Canada and Other Fake News is available online through the major book retailers and through the author’s website www.johnmullinder.ca