Apologies to the thousands of people lined up around the block in the bitter cold to buy my book at Paper Week in Montreal on Thursday! I got iced out.

I was booked on an 8.00 am flight from Toronto Pearson that was then cancelled because of excessive ice on the runways. I then waited around as a standby passenger for the nine, ten, eleven, noon and 1 pm flights but nothing doing. Apparently, flights were being diverted from Montreal itself and arriving in Toronto, adding to the standby lists and the organisational mess at the airport. Missing the 1 pm flight meant I couldn’t get to Montreal in time for my presentation.

Various images showing bad weather at and near the airport for Paper Week
A bad day at the airport

I feel so bad about this, and at the lost chance to meet up with some old friends at Paper Week. However, it is what it is.  I am now scouting other opportunities to get the word out, so if you know of any that would be appropriate, please let me know. Again, deepest apologies for the no-show