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Little Green Lies

“This entertaining and informative “dictionary” of environmental buzzwords explains and exposes a variety of terms that are widely used but often poorly understood. The author draws on his years of experience, along with numerous international studies and reports, to challenge myths and misconceptions about paper, packaging, waste, and recycling. Well-documented references encourage the reader to dig deeper. Little Green Lies and other BS is a great resource for anyone who wants to become better informed about critical issues that impact the health and future of our planet.

Kathleen McFadden

former Assistant Deputy Minister, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources & Forestry

“No BS, this is a great read! Well organized, well documented, and well explained. I’m a 40-year veteran of the paper industry and I learned a lot from this. Mullinder calls out those with an agenda and sets the record straight regarding paper and the environment in an entertaining, reasonable, and inspiring way. Mark Twain is credited with writing that “a lie travels halfway around the world before the truth gets its shoes on.” Little Green Lies and Other BS gives the truth a fighting chance.”

Michael D’Angelo

President, AICC, The Independent Packaging Association, Virginia, USA.

“Folksy writing style sprinkled with tongue-in-cheek satire and easy reading from beginning to end. It also serves as a reference book since its chapters are arranged in alphabetical order. Particularly enjoyable is the “elephant” story under X for Xmas paper. It’s a story that shows how the media, lamentably, are often much more interested in provocative headlines than in the facts. This book should be required reading for all new hires (as well as old ones, for that matter).

Martin Fairbank,

Author, Paper Industry consultant

“Deserves wide readership by all who have an interest in environmental policy issues, including current hot topics such as forest management and certified products, solid waste generation, and recycling. The scope of the book is impressive, with extensive endnotes to back up the explanations and arguments. Be especially wary, says the author, of campaigns and fundraising efforts that exaggerate or misrepresent in order to attract media or government attention. This book is a timely and welcome reminder of the need to critically evaluate all claims being made by stakeholders in the policymaking process, and to keep an open mind about optimal policy options.”

David McRobert

Environmental Lawyer

“Words are a powerful means of communication. They can express facts which appeal to our logic. But they can also convey emotion which tugs at our heartstrings. The forest industry, for example, has been vilified by environmental groups using words that are damning. But are they correct? Where does the truth lie? What are the facts? This book is required reading for those in the forest industry who need to cut through the BS; for those urban environmentalists who want to understand the real issues; for Indigenous communities who are key stakeholders in any discussions; and for politicians who have the responsibility to set reasoned policies that will protect and sustain the forests for future generations.”

David McDonald

Consultant and Adjunct Professor, McMaster University.

“Takes on myths and BS and it’s hard to find any omissions or factual errors in his arguments. Prodigious research and detailed documentation. Words do matter and I would add, so do facts. This book is a fitting testament to both.”

Michael Scott,

former CEO, Waste Diversion Ontario

Just out! Author John Mullinder knows paper, and he knows fabrications when he sees them.

Lots of them. This is a great reference book that will help you sort the facts from the fiction. If you're a writer, editor, public relations professional, legislator, educator, work for an NGO, or are simply a consumer who wants to know the truth, this book should be on your shelf or Kindle list.

I would have called it Big Green Lies, but Canadians are so much more understated and diplomatic.

Robert Lilienfeld,

Executive Director, SPRING

An enormously important book that is both educational and informative, but also an accessible read


Little Green Lies and Other BS is a fascinating book that explores many of the misconceptions and dubious environmental claims that plague our society.

What I enjoyed most about the book is that it is an accessible read - whether you have decades working in the industry like the author, or are new to the space, there is something to be learned by everyone.

As a professor who teaches waste management, Little Green Lies is definitely going to be added to my list of suggested readings.

Calvin Lakhan

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