New book debunks common forestry

and paper myths

Canada is not running out of trees. Nor is deforestation occurring on a massive scale. In fact, Canada has one of the lowest deforestation rates in the world and surprise, surprise, the forest industry is not the major cause.

This new book by former journalist and paper industry executive John Mullinder is an easy-to-read account that sorts fact from fiction in an engagingly direct style.

Large-scale deforestation is not the only ‘fake’ news in circulation. There’s a veritable minefield of green claims and greenwash to navigate: claims about ‘ancient’ forests; about ‘saving trees’ by going paperless; about e-books being better than tree-books; about the paper industry being on the way out. And here’s another surprise: ‘cardboard’ doesn’t exist!

The detailed Appendices and Endnotes back up the text, offering the reader both context and the opportunity for further research. This is a ‘must read’ for anyone interested in forest and paper issues in Canada.

Blog Posts from John

“I like the provocative title of this book and the intriguing headlines of each section. It draws the reader in and presents the facts in a way that’s approachable and easy to understand. At the same time, it’s chock-full of references and appendices to back up all the facts, for those that want to learn more. This is a good primer for industry professionals about Canadian forest facts, but also great for educating friends and family members, not to mention forest product customers in order to rebut the messages they hear from ENGOs (environmental groups).”

Martin Fairbank, Ph.D.

Pulp and Paper Industry consultant and author of Resolute Roots

“This book dispels many of the myths about deforestation and environmental harm that have become entrenched in the minds of the average Canadian. It is clearly written. Mullinder has an ability to crystallize key ideas into a few telling sentences. Tables, graphs, and charts effectively support his arguments, providing useful evidence and elaborating on important issues. There are also appendices and extensive references at the back. I would classify this as a must-read for Canadians and others wishing to understand the realities of forestry and paper production in Canada today.”

David McRobert

Environmental Lawyer

“John Mullinder’s new book squarely challenges some of the common environmental misconceptions and misinformation about paper and forestry.  It addresses the facts behind many misleading claims and perceptions about deforestation, running out of trees, so-called ‘ancient’ forests, electronic being ‘greener than paper, post-consumer paper being more ‘environmentally-friendly’ than pre-consumer paper …. and so on!

As a former journalist and paper industry executive, Mullinder backs his information with credible facts and extensive references.

Deforestation in Canada and Other Fake News is a recommended read for marketing executives, teachers, students and any other Canadians who want (and need!) a better understanding of the forest and paper-based industries.  I am sure the forest and paper industries and their customers will welcome it.”

Phil Riebel

President, Two Sides North America, Inc.

About the author

John Mullinder

John Mullinder has a solid background in both journalism and the paper industry. He was a television reporter, magazine editor, and foreign correspondent (for Maclean’s) in his native New Zealand before emigrating to Canada in the mid 1980s.

In Canada, he has led an environmental council for the paper packaging industry for some 27 years, representing it on various national and provincial task forces, boards of directors, committees and advisory bodies. He is a frequent and influential blogger on environmental issues.

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